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Influence of Current Duration on Resistance Spot Welding of Galvanized Gen III Advanced High Strength Steel

October 14, 2019

Vehicle lightweighting and crash performance are key – and often conflicting – goals of the automotive industry. Generation III advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) offer both strength and formability in a lightweight material, making them ideal for use in current model cars. Circumferential cracking of spot welds, however, has been observed with Gen III AHSS. This cracking has been attributed to liquid metal embrittlement (LME).

Recently, EWI investigated weld time as a factor that can affect LME. The results suggest ways to address cracking in spot-welded automobile components made from Gen III AHSS. The study’s findings have been published in Influence of Current Duration on the Resistance Spot Welding of Galvanized Gen III Advanced High-Strength Steel, a paper by EWI associates Liya Amanuel and Jerry Gould. The paper can be downloaded at no charge by completing this form on this page.

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