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Introducing EWI’s New Inspection Development and Deployment Service

August 8, 2018

Is your company challenged by costly destructive testing, new product designs that are difficult to inspect, productivity loss due to quarantined or scrapped materials, a high level of human error, or a lack inspection expertise? EWI recently introduced a new service for Inspection Development and Deployment. This offering is specifically designed to meet customers’ needs for increased quality and reduce risks of failure, and can be applied to a broad range of manufacturing applications.

Inspection_Development_Deployment IDDThe Inspection Development and Deployment approach considers the full scope of a customer’s challenges across a series of phases, from ideation to final deployment. It also examines challenges across three areas: business, manufacturing process, and application specific inspection challenges. Then, using EWI’s Inspection Development Platform, a modular software and hardware program created specifically for this service, our inspection experts can design a custom solution for your specific application that will guide you from initial concept through implementation on the factory floor.

To learn more about the EWI Inspection Development and Deployment service, click here.

To find out how you can make use of program at your company now, contact Barry Phillips at 970.635.5117 or [email protected].