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Introduction to High Power Ultrasonic Processes

February 25, 2013

High power ultrasonics (HPU) is finding application in an increasing number of manufacturing processes, including the forming, casting, machining and welding of metals, additive manufacturing and surface modification, as well as many means of processing polymers – e.g. welding and forming.

What is HPU? It is the application of intense power levels (up to thousands of watts) of high frequency vibrational energy – 20kHz or higher – to permanently change a material. Examples include forging a part, cutting a material or joining plates of material.

Ruggedly constructed piezoelectric transducers are used as the “engines” of HPU. The figure below shows how an HPU transducer transmits ultrasonic energy into a material or process, with each process having different details and transmission means.

HPU applications range across all major industries including automotive, aerospace, heavy machinery, energy, electronics and medical. New areas are opening up in the field of manufacturing sustainability.
If you would like to learn more about HPU processes for manufacturing, and how this technology could benefit your company, please register for EWI’s Introduction to High Power Ultrasonic Processes course on March 12. This one-day course will introduce you to HPU – its fundamentals and its fascinating and growing range of applications. The course is for those who are new to the technology, or have had limited exposure to a current use such as plastic welding.

The class will:

(1) Provide an understanding of high power ultrasonic systems,
(2) Describe the effects of ultrasonic vibrations on materials that result in the tremendous range of uses, and
(3) Cover a wide range of manufacturing processes.

Laboratory demonstrations of many processes will be shown and the opportunity to meet with several area experts will be provided.