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It Was a Busy Day at EWI

November 17, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011 was a very busy day at EWI.  We had 75+ visitors in the building for several events.  EWI hosted Member Orientation for EWI Members (hosted by Member Services), a Rail Repair Demo for the Ohio Rail Development Commission (hosted by Suhas Vaze), and a Columbus Section AWS Meeting (hosted by Brian Victor).  The events team was very tired! It took a a lot of people lending a lot of help to pull off such a feat.  The presentations were awesome, the conversation engaging, and the labs looked great.

Not only is EWI a place of technology and innovation, but it’s a great place to work.  What does that mean to our customers?  It means we communicate with you and with each other.  It means we enjoy our work.  Happy employees make for happy customers.  Our pride shows in everything we do.

If I could, I would give everyone at EWI a “Star Award”.  Our guests were very happy. I was never so proud to be part of EWI as I was that day! Thanks to all my co-workers for making the day a success and making EWI a great place to work.

For Member Orientation we had approx. 30 attendees representing 22 companies.  One attendee said as he was leaving, “We have used your services, but I had never been here.  Now that I know everything you do, your phone will be ringing off the hook.” Learn more about EWI Members Benefits and what we can do for you.

A “shout-out” to 2 of our engineers who served as tour guides:

Sean Gleeson and Wael Al-Fakir…rogue tour guides and very good sports

They are joining experts in every way (including physical bonding of food to belly).

I’m Leah Kohr, Member Relations Manager, and I’d love to show you around EWI.