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Joining of Composites to Titanium

July 15, 2015

We have had recent interest in looking at methods to join thermoplastics and thermoset composites to titanium from both the aerospace and medical communities. Generally, thermoset composites have higher temperature resistance than thermoplastic materials and must be bonded because they do not melt. Thermoplastic materials are easier to mold and will flow when heated. Therefore thermoplastic materials, which will soften or melt, offer interesting possibilities for direct joining akin to welding. Both kinds of materials can have very good electrical and chemical resistance.

EWI’s work in joining plastics to metals goes back about ten years.  Most of our experience has been in bonding titanium to thermoset composites for airframe and engine assemblies, but there is a growing discussion on joining advanced thermoplastics to titanium, potentially for airframes, and also for medical devices. We have had considerable experience in looking at non-chromated treatments for titanium and aluminum.

If you think you have a worthy application for joining plastics to titanium (or other metals), please contact George Ritter at [email protected]. We’ve had experience working with most metals and many polymer-based materials, and would be interested to hear about an application you have in mind.

Composite-Ti Piece
Composite Bonded to Honeycomb Structure