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Just Published: Deformation Versus Modified J-Integral Resistance Curves for Ductile Materials

By Darlene Kerr on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

EWI Principal Engineer Xian-Kui Zhu was recently published online and will soon be in print in the Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology.  The article was co-authored with Poh-Sang Lam, Savannah River National Laboratory. 

Xian-Kui Zhu

Xian-Kui Zhu

In their article “Deformation Versus Modified J-Integral Resistance Curves for Ductile Materials,” Zhu and Lam provide a brief review on the development of deformation and modified J-integral testing, and present a simple incremental equation.  Experimental results with discussions and recommendations are included.

The article is available from ASME’s Digital Collection at this URL.  EWI Members may request a copy of the article by contacting the EWI Research Library.  Learn more about all the benefits of EWI membership.

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