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Majority of Ohioans Think Advanced Energy Important to America’s Economic Future

June 29, 2012

A new organization Advanced Energy Economy Ohio released poll results showing that 83% of Ohioans believe that advanced energy is very important or somewhat important to America’s future.

 A majority (54%) believes it is very important to Ohio’s future that the state be a leader in developing, manufacturing, and deploying advanced energy.

 An additional 31% cite it as somewhat important. Nearly four in five (79.5%) of Ohioans believe it is very important or somewhat important for the state’s political leaders to do more to further advanced energy in the state.

 81% of respondents view the United States’ current dependence on foreign oil as a crisis or a major problem for the country. 

EWI launched the Nuclear Fabrication Consortium and Energy Center to respond to the needs of manufacturers in the energy industry. These poll results echo what we have seen in the marketplace. Another important point from the poll

 Political party affiliation has limited impact – 76% of Republicans, 89% of Democrats and

81% of Independents feel advanced energy is very important or somewhat important – refreshing in this time of political turmoil – that Ohioans agree on something.