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Manufacturing Success Stories: Adaptation in an Era of Rapid Change

April 25, 2018

linkedin-Adv-Manuf-advisory-Companion2Are you facing challenges in selecting the right materials and processes to meet your product goals? Are you wondering how your prototype will transfer to factory production? Do you want to significantly increase output but aren’t sure where to start?

As manufacturers endeavor to overcome these and other design and operations challenges in these competitive times, partnering with an unbiased, outside expert can help to reduce risk, identify ideal solutions and technologies for your unique application and goals, and more.

EWI’s latest guide, EWI Advisory Services: Helping Companies Create Blueprints for Success outlines the variety of advisory services EWI offers to help manufacturers adapt and address new materials, design or structural changes, as well as emerging technological needs and goals.


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Do you need assistance in identifying the right solutions to advance your design or boost your operations? EWI is the leading engineering and technology organization in North America dedicated to developing, testing, and implementing advanced manufacturing technologies that deliver a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. We help manufacturers find the right options for meeting new design or operations goals.

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