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Meet the EWI Materials Team – George Ritter

October 12, 2012

This week the “Meet the Team” series introduces George Ritter of the EWI Materials group. George specializes in the areas of adhesives and plastics.  George has spent over 30 years in industrial research environments, with much of that time spent on structural adhesives bonding applications. Please feel free to contact George if you have any questions related to EWI or materials related issues. You can reach him at 614.688.5000 or [email protected].















Technical Expertise

George specializes in adhesives bonding systems and processes.  His work includes adhesives applications for metals and plastics in automotive, aerospace, marine, general industrial, electronics, and medical fields.  His current work includes investigations of composites-to-metals bonding, laser-weldbonded aluminum structure, bonding of dissimilar metals and ceramics for lightweight structures and armor, medical bonding of plastics and metals, and selection of specific adhesives for specific end uses.  He has had industrial experience in the development and marketing of adhesives for automotive, flexible packaging, nonwoven disposables, woodworking, and polymer composites using epoxy, urethane, hotmelt, and waterborne adhesives.

Background and Project Experience

George is a frequently invited speaker and teacher at industrial symposia.  He holds several U.S. patents in areas of ceramics, high performance materials, and adhesive materials.  His most recent patent (2005) is in the field of laser weldbonded aluminum aircraft structure.  In November 2005, he was a co-recipient of the U.S. Department of Defense Manufacturing Technology Achievement Award for his work in the development of a completely adhesive-bonded composite-to-steel joint for the Navy DD-X Surface Combatant program.


B.S.      Chemistry, Summa cum Laude, Baldwin-Wallace College

M.S.     Chemistry, Case Western Reserve University

Ph.D.    Chemistry, Case Western Reserve University

Professional Affiliations

American Chemical Society

Adhesion Society


You can also contact me (Steve Massey) at [email protected].