EWI is a membership-based company. Manufacturers join EWI to work collaboratively with our technologists to improve their manufacturing efficiencies and become more competitive.

Along with access to some the world’s best engineers, technicians, and scientists in materials joining and allied technologies, EWI membership offers:

  • Free Design Reviews – If your company is an EWI member, anyone at your organization can schedule free design reviews, at our Columbus, Ohio location, with our engineering staff as often as you like. Each review consists of a 4-hour consult with two of our engineers who are best suited to discuss your specific technical design, questions, or issues, and provide confidential recommendations.
  • Free, Unlimited Technical Inquiries: You and your entire staff can make an unlimited number of technical inquiries of EWI’s engineering staff throughout the year. (Each inquiry is capped at 2 hours of staff time). You can place inquiries anytime via email, phone, fax, or by completing the Technical Inquiry form on EWI Member Central. You can also contact any of our engineers directly.
  • Visits to EWI & Use of EWI Facilities: Nothing beats experiencing all EWI has to offer live and in person. Members are welcome to come and spend time with our experts, tour our labs, and see our vast equipment first-hand. Members can also schedule free use of EWI’s conference rooms for training, meetings, or events. Our facilities provide the perfect venue for technical discussion and interaction with EWI experts and equipment.
  • EWI Member Update & Orientation: All members are encouraged to attend these free quarterly sessions to learn about the latest EWI innovations and find out how to get the most from EWI membership. Each session includes a tour of EWI labs, technology presentations, a networking lunch with other EWI members, and the chance to participate in a private, one-on-one Ask An Engineer session to discuss whatever technical challenge you may be facing.
  • EWI Member Central Website: At our secure, members-only website, you can access the EWI Library as well as a contact directory for all of our experts. In the library, you can search a sampling of technical citations, view members only technical content, and submit requests to our technical librarians to conduct custom searches. You can also make technical inquiries, and use various online tools, such as EWI WeldPredictor™.
  • Literature Searches: EWI subscribes to several of the world’s largest technical databases, and as an EWI member, you can ask our librarians to conduct custom searches of those databases for you. If you want a copy of a technical article, EWI pays any copyright royalty before forwarding the literature to you. All of this comes at no cost to your organization.
  • EWI WeldPredictor™: Members get free use of EWI WeldPredictor™, our virtual welding tool that allows engineers to quickly explore a wide range of what-if scenarios anytime. With each calculation, you get a prediction of the resulting microstructure, thermal profiles, residual stress, and distortion for plate and pipe welding.
  • EWI Technical Insights: This monthly communication contains a technical article from our Engineering Group featuring a specific technology or innovation. It is designed for, and distributed to, EWI members only.
  • CEO Update: In this monthly email update, EWI President and CEO, Henry Cialone, shares information about technologies, member benefits, news, and events from EWI headquarters. This email is exclusively for EWI members.

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