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Negative Influence of Computer Programming in Human Thinking Logic

January 16, 2014

Ever since the invention of computers, human thinking logic has been fundamentally changed. It directly results in changes of humans’ self-confidence, languages, and behaviors. Nowadays, people would like to program their activities, rules, codes, management and work as much as possible and strongly believe that they can achieve their designed success as running a computer program. After a few successful experiences, humans yield their adoration to the programming mechanism. It leads them to believe that the computing logic can solve almost any problem. It is undeniable that computer technology significantly improves the accuracy of calculation on human beings activities. Because of that, humans consciously or unconsciously triggered a couple of their primitive natures, i.e. emulation and adoration, towards computer technology. Everyday, humans are surrounded by computing technology so extensively that they are losing more and more self-confidence, insights and even common sense. Anything deviating from a designed program becomes untolerable to humans because they prefer not to seeing any moves or individuals that don’t follow their designed streamline. Consequently, humans become much more impatient to make changes and easier to get upset than before. Governed by computer programming concepts in their minds, slogans, such as “As long as it stays in program, everything should be fine”, have been deeply imprinted in humans’ minds. Humans tend to narrow their vision on designed-tracks of programmed activities, which results in losing of common senses. Consequently, weird things happen in people’s daily lives:

• Pilots sleep during a flight after they set the airplane in an auto-pilot mode.

•Throwing away brand-new equipment to reduce the inventory because the programmed balance sheet grants the action and it is perfectly accepted by stock investors.

•Following GPS directions by disregarding any short-cuts and bad experience before.

•Sending out orders/instructions through computers without worrying if they are received.

•Paying credit card bills without looking at computer-generated statements.


Humans’ activities and thinking patterns have become unprecedentedly mechanical due to the “programming” concept. There is a tendency that humans will be isolated from their real lives and live in a virtual reality. For example, my five-year-old is so indulged in iPad and showing less interest in exploring the nature.

EWI’s culture is constantly looking for new opportunities to develop innovative welding technologies and expand its business activities in various industry sectors and territories. It is very likely that new business opportunities exist outside the scope of EWI’s programmed operation. EWI’s strong experimentation capability and technical force is well beyond that other welding companies can reach. Therefore, EWI’s business volume should be more perspective if we can have a second thought on “programming”.