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New article — Electron Beam Melting: From Powder to Part

February 7, 2018

Over the past decade, additive manufacturing (AM) technology has shifted from a prototyping tool to an accepted production method. To achieve production-quality results, however, it is important to use specially developed materials for AM builds. In recent years, EWI has been at the forefront of helping clients bring new AM materials to market for technologies such as laser and electron-beam powder bed fusion, powder and wire direct energy deposition, and binder jetting. Square RT 2018

EWI AM engineers Rutuja Samant and Frank Medina have written “Electron Beam Melting: From Powder to Part.” This paper focuses on what it takes to develop a new metal material to build parts using the electron beam melting technology. To download the paper, click here.

To reach the authors of this paper, contact rsamant@ewi.org or fmedina@ewi.org.Frank Medina

To learn more about EWI’s AM capabilities, visit ewi.org/technologies/additive-manufacturing.