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New EWI Article: Does Friction Stir Welding Add-Up?

April 27, 2016

Snip1The aerospace industry is leading the way by adopting additive manufacturing (AM) as a method of quickly and cost-effectively producing complex components. In addition to in-process quality control, post-process inspection, material and process development, and property database development, new AM processes are also needed to allow manufacturers to efficiently build large-scale components. EWI has demonstrated the use of gas metal arc welding as an AM process by building a large demonstrator article using a commercially available welding power supply and 6-axis welding robot.

A new article by EWI Engineering Manager James Cruz, Does Friction Stir Welding Add-Up?, describes EWI’s innovative use of friction stir welding to efficiently build the same demonstrator article from a non-fusion-weldable aluminum alloy. To read the full paper, click here.