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New laser paint stripping technology sets new records…

May 31, 2011

No doubt about it: EWI gets involved in some pretty cool stuff. Check out this video of laser paint stripping demo. It’s a new patent-pending polygon laser scanner, part of a high-speed, large-scale depaint system EWI developed in partnership with folks at SwRI and Wayne Trails Technologies. In demos, the system produced the highest paint stripping efficiency, highest paint stripping rates, and best effluent management of any paint stripping technology EVER REPORTED. What’s more, the new laser scanner is smaller, lighter, more robust and lower cost than competitive scanners available today. It has immediate applications for military and commercial aircraft, as well as naval, nuclear and other industrial applications. Stan Ream, EWI’s Technology Leader for laser technologies, can tell you more. You can reach him directly at [email protected] or 614.688.5092.