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New Onsite Consultation Service Offered by EWI

May 2, 2017

CaptureIn response to customer requests for onsite engineering reviews and assessments, EWI is pleased to introduce EWI Onsite Consultation.  This new service brings a visiting technical expert right to your lab or plant to review your product design or manufacturing processes and provide unbiased, vendor-neutral guidance as you proceed to fabrication.

EWI has been helping manufacturers develop and deploy advanced technology directly to the factory floor for more than 30 years. An  EWI Onsite Consultation gives your organization the opportunity to leverage our expertise in the early development stages of your product or process to get the benefit of a confidential, third-party review in your facility when you need it most.

To learn more about EWI Onsite Consultation, click here.

To request a consultation today, contact 614.688.5152.