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New paper – Key Considerations for Metal AM Parameter Optimization

June 18, 2018

The term “optimize process parameters for additive” is commonly used in the additive manufacturing (AM) world. But what does it really mean to optimize parameters for metal additive manufacturing?

Bringing a 3D-printed part to market involves identifying the correct material source, characterizing the raw material, identifying the correct machine parameter window for deposition, developing the stress relief and heat treatment parameters, identifying the correct post finishing technique and, finally, determining the right NDE technique for inspection. All of this involves optimization to determine the ideal parameter sets based on functional part requirements.

In her new paper, Key Considerations for Metal AM Parameter Optimization, EWI Applications Engineer Rutuja Samant discusses additive manufacturing process parameter development and the continuous work being done to enhance parameter optimization.

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To download a copy of Key Considerations for Metal AM Parameter Optimization, click here now.

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