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New Paper: Technology Trends in Consumer Electronics

April 13, 2016

Tech Trends thumbnailThe next generation of electronics products will require more than just a great idea. Success depends on the expert application of breakthrough technologies that enable the cutting-edge features and functionality consumers want and need.

Many such developments were recently unveiled at CES 2016 and 2016FLEX. I attended both conferences, and shared in some great discussions with other electronics professionals around bringing new technologies to market.

Following those discussions, I’ve written a paper, Technology Trends in Consumer Electronics, which takes a look at some of the biggest trends and technology needs shaping today’s consumer electronics industry.

Topics featured in the paper:

  • The Internet of Things
  • Flexible and printed electronics
  • Device miniaturization
  • Higher energy density batteries

EWI’s extensive work with innovative technologies helps our electronics customers rapidly design and produce new products in response to consumer demand.

Click here to download the paper.

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Dale Robinson can be contacted at drobinson@ewi.org.