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New Research on VDA tight bend testing with DIC

April 29, 2021

Since introducing its new VDA tight radius testing capability with digital image correlation (DIC) in Winter 2021, the EWI Forming Center has conducted further research test applications of the test on a variety of high-strength materials.

A recent study evaluated test switch-off criteria and applied the results in finite element analysis (FEA). This work is covered in a paper by Applications Engineer Tom Feister, Application of VDA Tight Radius Bend Testing. You may view the paper – for free – by completing the form on this page.

If you are interested in this or other testing capabilities of the EWI Forming Center, please contact Hyunok Kim at [email protected].

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The original presentation of this capability, VDA Tight Bend Radius Testing with Digital Image Correlation, can be accessed by clicking here.

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