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New video – EWI CTOD testing

December 7, 2011

In 1981 I was 10 years old and my parents bought what was at the time a very expensive and technologically advanced portable video recorder.  It had 2 pieces that together weighed about 40 pounds and used a full sized VCR tape to record on.  The recorder had a separate piece that was required to play back the video on a TV.   Despite its size, I quickly became fond of video taping family activities – including some very embarrassing “commercials” my older brother and I made.  I actually found an old advertisement that shows the cameras “portability”!  Brings back memories of a sore shoulder…

Fast forwarding 30 years the cameras have become significantly smaller,  just about anyone can become a movie producer using their computer, and I still enjoy being an an amateur videographer.  So I decided to put my “skills” to use to document the EWI Lab Services CTOD testing capabilities.  Much like video cameras, EWI Lab Services has come a long way in our capbilities for performing fracture toughness testing like Crack Tip Opening Displacement (CTOD), JR curve and Fatigue Crack Growth Rate (FCGR).  Hopefully you will enjoy the video as much as I did when I made it!  EWI Lab Services CTOD testing video

Contact Andy Joseph, Director of EWI Lab Services- 614-688-5196,[email protected], www.ewi.org/labservices.