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Oil & Gas Strategic Technology Committee: Research for 2018 — new paper

July 9, 2018

Inserting the tack welds at the weld rootThe Strategic Technology Committee for Oil & Gas (STC), established by EWI in 2013, works to identify gaps and needs in materials joining and allied technologies relevant to the energy industry, and develops technology development programs to address those needs.  Its goal is to enhance the safety, integrity and reliability of critical infrastructure used in the exploration, production and delivery of energy products to markets worldwide.

The STC currently is engaged in an ongoing program to test the effect of constraint on brittle fracture for steel pipes. The results to date are shared in a new paper by EWI Principal Engineer Bill Mohr, Oil & Gas Strategic Technology Committee: Research for 2018. The paper also outlines other STC projects this year including:

  • Assessing NDE methods for dissimilar metal welds
  • Managing brittle fracture in subsea hardware, flowlines, and risers
  • Factors influencing copper contamination of girth welds
  • Weldability of low manganese line pipe steel for sour service
  • Development of ECA guidelines for subsea and offshore systems

STCTo read about these projects, download the paper here.

To learn about membership in the STC, visit ewi.org/strategic-technology-committee-for-oil-gas.