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EWI OnsiteEngineer offers what manufactuers want

June 8, 2010


Now manufacturers can get sustained help with in-house engineering tasks from the experts at EWI. Our EWI OnsiteEngineer service allows you to contract out EWI engineers on a weekly basis, providing you with:

  • Onsite assistance for any engineering task you need
  • No-risk, temporary hiring arrangements
  • Competitive weekly rates for top-notch talent
  • A stronger and fuller engineering staff
  • A higher return on your engineering investment

Types of tasks performed as part of this service include:

Design Engineering
− Design specifications development
− Materials selection
− Design for manufacturing
− Structural analysis
− Product & process cost modeling
− Technology reviews
− Technology development requirements
− Technology sourcing

Advance Manufacturing
− Manufacturing development requirements
− Process selection
− Materials & equipment specification
− Tooling design development
− Supplier development
− Product qualification requirements
− Process trouble shooting
− Education & training

− Inspection requirements
− Inspection process selection
− Inspection procedures
− Warranty analysis support
− Failure analysis
− Repair requirements
− Real-time quality monitoring assessments

For more information, download the EWI OnsiteEngineer brochure