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Optimize Product Design and Joining Process for Your Next Product

March 19, 2020

Manufacturability is an important consideration in product design. A great idea in prototype will not succeed if it can’t be transitioned to mass production. All too often, however, manufacturability factors are overlooked until late in the design process and problems arise.

One critical aspect of manufacturing is materials joining. If joining considerations are made after designs are complete and materials chosen, both costs and launch time can escalate. Evaluating joining options early in the design stage, however, can have a favorable impact on getting your product to market quickly and efficiently.

How do you determine most appropriate assembly method for your design? EWI Senior Technology Advisor James Cruz has written The EWI Guide to Design & Process Selection for Materials Joining to help you avoid expense, lost time, and headache as you move a concept through design toward production. The guide is available free of charge.

If you would like to learn more about EWI services that can help you optimize design and process selection for your new product, please contact [email protected] or 614.688.5152.