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Optimizing Ultrasonic Knurl Patterns with FEA

December 4, 2019

Electric vehicles and consumer electronics depend on high-capacity, highly efficient batteries, and the demand continues to rise. Critical to producing these batteries is the successful welding of foil-to-tab joints which are often made of dissimilar materials with dissimilar thicknesses. This process is complicated, and the failure of a single joint will compromise an entire battery pack.

Recent research by EWI shows that optimizing knurl design for foil-to-tab joining has a greater impact on weld quality and repeatability than optimizing parameters. FEA modeling can be used to refine tooling design, thereby reducing the cost and lead time for developing the most suitable knurl pattern.

This work is described in a paper by EWI Applications Engineer Tom Feister, Optimizing Knurl Patterns with FEA. To download the paper, simply fill out the form on this page.

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