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Optimizing Your Machine Shop – New Services from EWI

May 6, 2022

Are you getting the most from your company’s machine shop in terms of performance, profitability, and productivity? EWI Machine Services can work with you to identify snags and inefficiencies, develop fixes, and implement the improvements necessary to get your shop running at maximum utility.

When the EWI machine shop shifted from an internal assistive department to a full-service R&D division, we added new production equipment and process enhancements to provide our clients with faster, streamlined shop services.

But beyond these enhancements, we developed the EWI Machine team, a group of machining specialists that deliver process expertise and experienced-based solutions directly to machining shops to help them improve their own resources. If your shop is challenged operationally or financially, EWI Machine Services can perform and onsite visit to evaluate your processes and resources, create a concrete plan for improvement, and guide you through full implementation.

Don’t let delays, bottlenecks, breakdowns, and outdated processes affect your bottom line. The EWI Machine team can help. To talk to a team member, click on the button below or contact Nate Hudepohl, Senior Technician, at [email protected] or click the button below.