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EWI has 245 members!   WELCOME to our newest members: Marinette Marine Corporation is a subsidiary of Fincantieri, one of Europe’s largest shipbuilders.  Their innovative manufacturing techniques allow them to build some of the most technologically advanced vessels in the world. Pandjiris is recognized as the leader in North America in providing solutions for Fixed […]

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The Diction of Friction

From Webster: fric•tion: the rubbing of one body against another; the force that resists relative motion between two bodies in contact. Engineers in almost every field work to avoid friction by use of proper design techniques or by applying oils and lubricants. We’ve all seen the TV commercials talking about how a certain oil product […]

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Bonding Composites to Metals for Medical Applications

Materials that cannot be welded must be joined with mechanical fasteners, solder, braze, or adhesives. For extended service above 450oF, a solder or braze is required. At lower operating temperatures, adhesive bonding is used. Adhesives can bond many diverse material combinations and offer the best approach for joining dissimilar materials in corrosive environments. Fasteners, brazes, […]

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Advanced Energy: Algae is Promising

EWI Helps Algaeventure turn Algae into Fuel Algaeventure Systems, Inc. is a spinoff of Univenture, Inc., an Ohio-based plastics packaging manufacturer that specializes in eco-friendly packaging solutions. Algaeventure was founded to focus on developing technologies to commercialize algae production and separation into oils and bio-feedstocks. They believe that algae has the ability to feed virtually […]

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