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Patents Issued on Three EWI Projects

July 7, 2021

EWI is broadly recognized as an engineering consultancy that can help manufacturers solve their problems and improve their processes. Less well known is the fact that EWI has a robust internal R&D program aimed at developing innovations that advance the state of manufacturing technology overall. We’re pleased to announce that three recent projects were awarded U.S. patents this spring:

  • Capacitive Discharge Welding System – This new technology creates weld-to-weld polarity-switched capacitor discharge current, enabling the use of stacked core transformers with better coupling between the workpiece and power supply. The system demonstrates clear advantages for automotive applications. Investigations involving the system were covered in two EWI papers, Joining of Copper Foils by Capacitive Discharge Welding and Capacitive Discharge Welding of Battery Foils. This project was directed by Jerry Gould, EWI Senior Technology Leader for Resistance and Solid-state Processes.
  • Computed Tomography for Nondestructive Evaluation of Manufactured Parts – EWI Applications Engineer Luke Mohr and Director of Data Science Alex Kitt developed a new methodology that incorporates prior knowledge into CT reconstructions of manufactured parts. This technique reduces CT scan time for inspection by a factor of 3-10x. The process can vastly improve ROI for NDE inspection of many components build from the same design. EWI first introduced its work in a 2020 article, A New Approach to Reduce CT Scan Time and Cost.
  • Laser Beam Profiling System for Use in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Manufacturing – This unique sensor can analyze laser beam characteristics and position accuracy in multiple locations while in motion during an L-PBF build.  First discussed in a 2020 article, A Solution for Laser Beam Quality Analysis in L-PBF AM Production, the system has the potential to eliminate many expensive and time-consuming qualification builds. EWI’s Jacob Hay and Stan Ream led this effort.

EWI congratulates all of our patent awardees on their outstanding, leading-edge work.