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Pipe Repair via Weld Overlay

By Lisa Austin on Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Weld metal deposition repair can be considered an alternative to installing a full-encirclement repair sleeve or a composite wrap for such applications as pipeline bends, pipeline fittings and small isolated corrosion defects.  The concept behind weld metal deposition is to use deposit weld metal onto the outside diameter of the pipe to replace the pipe wall that was lost due to corrosion.  Full weld metal deposition repairs, a repair that replaces the entire pipe wall thickness, have been shown to return both the static strength and fatigue life of damaged pipe back to the original undamaged pipe properties.  Partial weld metal deposition repairs, a repair that replaces only enough pipe wall to meet either B31G or RSTRENG criterion, have been shown to return the burst pressure of the damaged pipe strength to a pressure that exceeds the pressures predicted by either B31G or RSTRENG criterion of the repaired pipe.

Read the full tech brief — Inservice Pipe Repair

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