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Product and Process Development: How EWI Helps From Discovery to Implementation

August 30, 2018

Although most manufacturing organizations are familiar with EWI for welding and joining expertise, many don’t understand the full breadth of our capabilities – or how they can leverage our technology know-how at every stage of product and process development.

amcTo get a sense of the range of EWI’s offerings, check out What to Expect When You Partner with EWI for Product and Process Development. It provides a quick, visual overview of the product/ process development timeline that demonstrates what you should expect when embarking upon a project with EWI. It also illustrates how you can call on EWI for assistance at any point on the timeline. While some companies rely on us from kickoff to conclusion, other organizations come to us during the development or implementation phase. A synopsis of our advisory, development, and implementation services can be found here.


With three lab facilities, 18 areas of technological expertise, over a hundred engineers and technicians, and hundreds of development projects completed each year, EWI is dedicated to developing, testing, and implementing advanced manufacturing technologies for industry.

If you have a manufacturing process you are trying to implement or improve, or a product you need to bring from design to production, EWI can help you achieve your goals faster. To learn how EWI can help you identify, develop, and implement new production technologies and processes, contact us today.