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June 8, 2010

EWI SonicSolder™ is an exciting innovation for wetting materials previously considered to be non-solderable. The binary Sn-Al lead-free solder alloy allows for successful joining of aluminum, copper, titanium, glass, ceramics, and other difficult-to-bond materials. It can be used for both micro-joining and large scale applications, is bio-compatible, and can be readily formed into usable shapes, such as wire and foil, using conventional melting practices.

Primary advantages of EWI’s lead-free alloy solder include:

  • Simple binary composition containing low-cost metals
  • Usable forms easily produced by conventional melting practices
  • Amenable to alloy modifications
  • Can bond any metal, glass or ceramic when used with ultrasonic soldering
  • Biocompatibility for medical devices
  • Shear strengths on the order of 4-5 Ksi
  • No flux required when used with ultrasonic soldering
  • Dissimilar metals or materials joining

Electronics manufacturers gain several advantages by using EWI SonicSolder. Due to its simply ally composition, it is less costly than other lead-free solders that contain noble metals such as silver and gold. Plus, when it is used with ultrasonic soldering, SonicSolder eliminates the need for fluxes and the need to metalize ceramics, glass, and other unplated/non-metalized materials. Its mechanical properties are comparable to industry standard lead-free solders like Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu. Typical shear strength values of 4-5 ksi have been obtained on copper substrates with gold and silver surface finishes and in other metal-to-metal (titanium, aluminum) combinations.