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Publishing News: Two Articles by Xian-Kui Zhu

February 18, 2016

To articles by Xian-Kui Zhu, EWI principal engineer, were recently published in Engineering Fracture Mechanics (November) and Procedia Engineering (December).    

In “State-of-the art review of fracture control technology for modern and vintage gas transmission pipelines,” the author addresses brittle and ductile fracture initiation control, as well as brittle and ductile fracture propagation control.   Relevant discussions and recommendations are provided.

Actual cracks in pressure vessels and welds are often shallow and dominated by tensile forces, resulting in low crack-tip constraint conditions and rising resistance curves.   In “Advances in fracture toughness test methods for ductile materials in low-constraint conditions,” the author presents a technical review of fracture toughness test methods for standard and non-standard specimens.

Xian-Kui is an internationally recognized expert in the areas of solid mechanics, fracture mechanics, computational mechanics, mechanical testing, and evaluation. He works in EWI’s structural integrity and modeling group which specializes in welded structure damage assessments, design to avoid structural damage, material qualification testing, and test method development.

Xian-Kui Zhu
Xian-Kui Zhu

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