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RealWeld Systems Announces Product Availability and Leadership Team

June 26, 2012

realweld systems
RealWeld Systems, Inc. today announced general availability of its flagship product, RealWeld TrainerTM in July 2012 and named Bill Forquer as its Launch CEO. RealWeld Systems is a spin-out of EWI and is the exclusive licensee of EWI’s patent-pending vision- based technology that digitally records critical motions and scores proper welding technique.

“I am excited to see RealWeld Systems enter the market with the combination of EWI’s innovation experience and Bill Forquer’s extensive company and product launch experience,” said Henry Cialone, President and CEO of EWI. “RealWeld TrainerTM is a welding training device that is configured with software. Bill’s background in software and business process improvement positions RealWeld for great success.”

Forquer is a strategy advisor to both start-ups and established technology-based companies. Previously, he was a senior marketing executive for Open Text Corporation for eleven years. Prior to that, he was CEO of Information Dimensions, Inc. Forquer began his career at Battelle Labs in Columbus, Ohio, developing software that subsequently spun-off to become Information Dimensions.

EWI has a great reputation for innovation, and RealWeld TrainerTM is the latest example,” said Forquer. “The system far outpaces traditional training simulation systems on the market today since it works while the trainee is actually welding under real-world conditions. Furthermore, it addresses critical productivity requirements for manufacturers and the vocational schools serving them; and does so at a critical juncture, as both prepare for economic recovery and global competitiveness.”

RealWeld TrainerTM can improve the screening of welders prior to being hired, provide consistency across welding instructors, and reliably fast-track trainees through welding training programs. The system augments welding certifications available in the industry by numerically scoring performance on specific welding procedures.