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Recent Developments in Ultrasonic Machining

June 22, 2010

The technology of high power ultrasonics, already extensively applied at EWI in the
fields of welding, soldering/brazing and additive manufacturing, is now being extended
to the field of ultrasonic machining. Recent and future developments will be described.
Ultrasonic machining is …
Ultrasonic machining processes, as being developed and applied at EWI, consist of the
application of ultrasonic vibrations, at the kilohertz frequency and kilowatt power levels,
to standard machine tools such as twist drills, milling cutters, turning tools and reamers,
as examples. The concept is shown in Fig. 1, where ultrasonic vibrations (the harmonic
red line) are being introduced to the drilling and turning processes. The specific means of
introducing the ultrasonic vibrations is the challenge, and varies, with each process.
Fig. 1.