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Recently Published: Material Strength Effect on Weld Shrinkage and Distortion

November 5, 2014

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EWI  engineers Yu-Ping Yang, Randy Dull, and Harvey Castner (with EWI Member Company Ingalls Shipbuilding and colleagues from Bollinger Shipyards) were recently published in the November  2014 issue of Welding Journal.  

In their article, “Material Strength Effect on Weld Shrinkage and Distortion,” the authors report on their study on the effects of material strength and heat input on in-plane shrinkage and out-of-plane distortion through welding and measuring 44 small-scale high-strength steel panels.

To see the full article, click on the following link to the Welding Journal’s November 2014 supplement:

 http://www.aws.org/wj/supplement/WJ_2014_11_s421.pdf or http://www.aws.org/wj/supplement/S-2014.html