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Resistance-based Sintering – An Efficient, Energy-saving Production Technology

July 17, 2023

Metal-powder sintering is attracting interest as a production technology due to its ability to create near-net shape products from a variety of materials at a relatively low cost. The process involves the pre-compacting of green-state powders followed by heat-based consolidation using furnaces.

EWI has pioneered resistance-based sintering (RBS), a new production method that uses a standard resistance welding system to improve upon a standard sintering process. The end result is the same, but it reduces upfront equipment purchases, dramatically lowers energy consumption, and has the potential to help manufacturers meet their ESG sustainability targets.

EWI engineers Olga Eliseeva and Jerry Gould have written, Resistance-based Sintering and Its Potential Impact on ESG Policy Goals, to describe this novel technology and the possibilities it offers. You are invited to download their paper for FREE by completing the form on this page.

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