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Scaling Up Metals Additive Manufacturing — new paper

March 7, 2017

EB-DED build
Additive manufacturing (AM) processes empower manufacturers to build parts that were previously impossible to create using traditional subtractive machining methods. While laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF) is well-developed and offers high levels of accuracy, it is better-suited to small components. As an alternative, laser directed energy deposition (L-DED) combines a laser and a material feed system to build large-scale freeform parts. EWI has aligned with RPM Innovations as a development partner to continue to advance L-DED technology, and has purchased a RPMI 557 system which is now available to EWI’s customers for commercial project work. In addition to supporting customer needs, EWI will be using this system to conduct alloy development work, investigate ways to improve multi-material functionality, and develop methods of increasing overall build efficiency.

EWI Application Engineer Bryant Foster has written Scaling Up Metals Additive Manufacturing which discusses EWI’s focus on laser directed energy deposition (L-DED). To read the paper, click here.

To learn more about this topic, contact [email protected]. For information about all of EWI’s AM capabilities, click here.