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Advanced Manufacturing Services: Companion Graphic

Helping Organizations Evaluate Opportunities for Change. Whether you need to access specialized technical expertise to help advance your company’s product [...]

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Advisory Services

today’s manufacturers are increasingly tasked to find better, faster and more cost-effective ways to bring new and existing products to [...]

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EWI Design Reviews

Your challenge, our team—together in one room. EWI members can bring us their designs concepts, and manufacturing challenges to be [...]

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Materials Engineering

Materials science is at the heart of every manufacturing challenge – from solving complex joining problems to turning great ideas [...]

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Rapid Feasibility Service

Having the ability to rapidly assess alternative processes or materials combinations to meet current and future manufacturing challenges can create [...]

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EWI Onsite Consultation

Obtaining an independent, third-party engineering review of your design for a new part or product can save time, labor, materials, [...]

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Advanced Manufacturing Implementation Strategy

Breakthroughs in manufacturing technology are creating transformative capabilities and industrial processes almost overnight. This rapid evolution is game-changing, but can [...]

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Advanced Manufacturing

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EWI Advanced Engineering Services

Delivering Customized Solutions Across the Product Lifecycle. Whatever the job to be done, EWI’s wide range of engineering and manufacturing [...]

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