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laser powder bed fusion

Paper: Flaw Generation in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing

To correlate data collected from monitoring and inspection techniques with actual types and sizes of discontinuities in AM components, precise flaw-generation methods need to be developed. This paper explores EWI’s work to intentionally create flaws with specific sizes and geometries using the laser powder bed fusion process.

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New Paper on Optimizing L-PBF Process with Numerical Modeling

Laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF) is an additive manufacturing process in which a three-dimensional component is built using a layer-by-layer approach. Highly localized heating and repeated thermal cycles induce temperature gradients in the part, resulting in residual stresses and deformation. Cracking, porosity, and lack of fusion may also occur. While the L-PBF process can be […]

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EWI Successfully Tests Open-Architecture Additive Manufacturing Machine for In-Process Sensing Project

Over the last ten months, the EWI Additive Manufacturing team has been building an open-architecture additive manufacturing machine to facilitate the evaluation of sensors for in-process monitoring of laser powder bed fusion processes. EWI is leading the in-process monitoring task of the America Makes-led Measurement Science Innovation Program for Additive Manufacturing funded by NIST. [youtube […]

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