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Testbeds: A Fast, Efficient Path to Continual Innovation — new paper

July 3, 2017

testbedTestbeds are an effective tool for innovation, allowing manufacturers to develop and prove out new technologies and manufacturing approaches without shutting down production. By providing a bridge between research and the factory floor, testbeds empower manufacturers to innovate new joining processes and develop new in-process quality-control techniques. Furthermore, testbeds allow development to take place entirely in-house, allowing manufacturers to maintain their intellectual property.

A new paper, Testbeds: A Fast, Efficient Path to Continual Innovation, provides examples of EWI’s use of testbeds to develop new technologies, as well as ways in which EWI’s customers have benefited from this approach to continued innovation. To download the paper, click here.

Do you want to learn more about EWI’s use of testbeds to help our clients innovate new joining processes, develop new in-process quality-control techniques, and transfer these techniques to the manufacturing practice? Contact Connie Reichert-LaMorte at [email protected].