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The Great Minds of Carbon Equivalent – Part III

June 17, 2016


[This is the third of a four-part series titled The Great Minds of Carbon Equivalent.]

In welding, carbon equivalent (CE) calculations are used to predict heat affected zone (HAZ) hardenability in steels. These CE equations can be used to establish criteria to predict cold-cracking,

as can calculations to predict maximum hardness. Dearden and O’Neill believed that the following critical hardness guidelines could be used to judge the cold-cracking tendency of steels[1][2].

  • If the HAZ hardness is less than 350HV, no cold-cracking will occur.
  • If the HAZ hardness is greater than 400HV, the steel will be prone to cold-cracking.

Dearden and O’Neill realized that the cold cracking tendency wasn’t determined only by …

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