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The Role of Machine Vision in Advanced Automation – New eGuide

April 20, 2017

thumbnail_ADV_AUT_MACHINE_VISION_TECH_9421Advanced automation is a key component of the factory of the future. One of the critical technologies enabling advanced automation is machine vision—guidance systems that dramatically enhance manufacturing processes. Technological advances in machine vision are creating new opportunities on the manufacturing floor for dramatic improvements in productivity, quality, and production flexibility.

EWI’s new eguide, Machine Vision—How Intelligent Robots are Advancing Automation, explores the advantages of incorporating vision systems into production as well as some of the exciting applications these technologies make possible. The eGuide features:

  • The capabilities and benefits of machine vision
  • Random bin picking and other machine vision success stories
  • EWI’s one-of-a-kind automation feasibility factory floor
  • And more

Download the eGuide

If you would like to learn how EWI can help your company be more competitive with customized machine vision solutions, contact Nadine Powell at 716.710.5555 or [email protected].