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The Value of Objectivity

July 5, 2012

Why does objectivity matter? Because efficient and effective problem solving requires it! We all have agendas and biases that have the potential to sidetrack our ability to solve a problem. It’s difficult to be truly objective, especially when the problem we are trying to solve is “close to home” or is particularly frustrating.

As engineers, we often overcomplicate a problem because it just “couldn’t be that simple.” The truth is that it often is that simple. I firmly believe that most issues, however complicated, can be broken down to one or two essential concepts. A fresh set of eyes and a fresh perspective can often be the most effective tools in breaking a complex problem down into its basic elements.

At EWI, we strive to be objective in all aspects. Since we don’t have an allegiance to a single process, piece of equipment, or way of thinking, we are able to focus solely on determining the best solution for our customers.

This focus on objectivity also makes EWI a rewarding place to work as it often drives creative thinking and innovation. In my past 6+ years here at EWI I have learned a truly valuable lesson: When you aren’t emotionally attached to what the answer looks like, it’s easier to see the best solution.