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Transitioning to a Hydrogen Economy: EWI Resources & Services

Addressing the Transmission, Distribution, and End-Use Hydrogen Systems Challenges

With the emergence of hydrogen as a zero-carbon energy source, it’s increasingly important to understand the effects of high-H2 environments on materials like steel. EWI is here to support companies in their decarbonization efforts by providing materials testing and evaluation solutions, as well as ongoing research.

Hydrogen Energy Research and Testing Services at EWI

The impact of hydrogen blending on susceptible components over time is currently not well-established. Hydrogen energy research is critical to fully understanding the long-term effects on infrastructure/material lifetime, which will help ensure safety and economic health in a hydrogen future.

Will the hydrogen economy influence your business? Will your systems be at risk? EWI has a laboratory dedicated to performing materials testing and evaluation in pressurized, gaseous hydrogen environments.

EWI has established a framework for conducting extensive mechanical and metallurgical property testing on pipe steels — and associated pipeline welds — under a range of hydrogen exposure scenarios with varying:

  • Natural gas/hydrogen blends
  • Pressures
  • Steel pipe grades
  • Seam welding practices

Click on the titles below for reports on EWI’s ongoing initiatives to advance the hydrogen economy:

Converting Legacy Pipelines to Hydrogen Service: Knowledge Gaps and Associated Testing Needs

Joshua James, EWI

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Development of an Optimized Material Qualification Approach for New Steel Pipelines for Hydrogen Service

Program Overview, June 2022

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Screening Tests for Elastomers in the Hydrogen Economy

Jeff Ellis, EWI

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Modeling of Hydrogen Flow in Pipeline Steel During Welding on Hydrogen Pipelines

William Mohr & Amin Moghaddas, EWI

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Effects of Hydrogen Exposure on X70 and X80 Pipeline Steel Charpy Properties

William Mohr, EWI

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Required Soaking Time for Hydrogen Testing

Jesse Rhodes, EWI

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A dedicated laboratory for performing materials testing and evaluation in pressurized, gaseous hydrogen environments is now in operation at EWI.

EWI has a long history of validating material properties for service. As the need for a better understanding of the effects of high hydrogen environments becomes increasingly important, EWI is able to apply its capabilities and expertise to provide evaluation services and solutions.

To learn about the activities and capabilities of our Hydrogen Environmental Testing Laboratory, click below:

The Testing Lab
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