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US Leadership In The EV Supply Chain

September 22, 2010

Two events roughly two weeks and two miles apart in Troy, MI showed that the US is taking the lead in the manufacture of energy sources for the rapidly expanding electrified vehicle market. On September 8th EWI hosted the Battery Manufacturing & Joining Technology Symposium and hosted 135 people to discuss the challenges they face in supplying the battery cells, modules, and packs that must exceed the rigorous requirements for reliability. The enthusiastic opening remarks by Michigan Representative Sandy Levin set the tone that we are making the investments needed to secure a spot of dominance in this worldwide market. The day continued with a meaningful exchange of ideas on how to be sure this technology is adopted by consumers to assure success. One theme that was clear is that battery powered vehicles will succeed when the supply chain works together on design standardization to control costs and improve reliability.

September 21st and 22nd saw the EV Battery Tech Manufacturing Cost Reduction conference come to Troy. The goal is to bring leaders in the supply chain together to seek ways to build energy sources that deliver years of safe, reliable, and reusable batteries that meet the needs of the growing world market which is estimated by PTRM to be $50B for just the EV batteries by 2020. Also needed is consumer education on the use and care of the batteries and how to train first responders to safely deal with high voltage energy sources in the case of a vehicle crash.

This will be an exciting next few years for the automotive market. Think Automotive will begin production this year in Elkhart, Indiana of its pure electric car. CODA Automotive will do the same on the West Coast. EWI will be working with the battery supply chain to ensure the cars build on America’s lead as supplier to the world. Let us know your materials needs and let our network of engineers and suppliers advance your business at the pace required in this rapidly changing marketplace.

Submitted By:
Kevin Arnold, PE
Business Development Manager, Advanced Energy