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Using FEA as an ICME Tool to Predict the Performance of Structures

September 15, 2023

Integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) uses analytical and numerical tools to create predictive models. Recently, EWI has published a series of papers examining analytical methods that work well in assessing thermal/mechanical responses in specific joining processes.

Some highly complex joining applications, however, require advanced computational tools such as finite element analysis (FEA) to achieve desired accuracy. EWI has successfully used FEA to predict thermal behavior in different joining applications including two specific cases: 1) thermal excursions in battery module electrical interconnects, and 2) residual stress and distortion in arc welding processes.

You can read about this work in Thermal Analysis Using Finite Element Methods, written by EWI Project Engineer Amin Moghaddas. Simply complete the form on this page to download the paper for FREE.

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