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Webinar on Innovative Signal Wire Attachment Method to Reduce Cracking and Improve Rail Safety

June 22, 2020

EWI will host a webinar to introduce the process and benefits of a new friction welding method designed and fabricated for use on RE136 rail. Developed with support from the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), the unique solid-state technique offers benefits including:

  • Lower impact on rail – No formation of martensite in the weld or heat-affected zone of the rail
  • Flexible – Uses threaded studs that allow for detachment and reattachment of signal wires from the rail for maintenance-of-way operations
  • Stronger – Provides twist-off strengths and conductivity that exceed other common industry techniques
  • Cordless – Battery powered and requires no tether to a truck

The webinar will be offered on the following dates: July 8, 14, and 16.  (Material covered will be the same in each webinar session.)  To register, click the button with your choice of dates below.

Contact EWI Event Manager Michelle Bulan with questions at [email protected].