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Who needs advertising when you get customer feedback like this?

December 22, 2011

EWI’s welding engineers routinely get compliments from our members and customers. Once in a while, that feedback makes its way to the marketing department (a place most of our engineers avoid at all cost).  Quite frankly, I’d be a fool not to share it with you:

“EWI is an invaluable tool for Enerfab.  Their engineers and specialists are practical, prompt, and extremely knowledgeable.  We’ve consulted EWI with subjects concerning new technology, metallurgy, heat-treating, and even NDE.  EWI is at the forefront of materials joining technology, therefore I am confident that I’m getting the latest solutions and recommendations in the industry.”   — Benjamin A. Sprengard, Assistant Director of QA,  ENERFAB, Inc.

The comment above came from Benjamin Sprengard, Assistant Director of Quality Analysis at ENERFAB, which is an EWI member company. Ben is an AWS Certified Welding Inspector and ASNT NDE Level II Inspector, and he knows his stuff. The fact that he trusts EWI says a lot about our technology capabilities and engineering services.

Thanks Ben, we think you’re swell too. And we look forward to our next project with your team.