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With customer feedback like this, who needs to advertise?

By Mary Wilmoth on Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Our welding engineers routinely get compliments from our members and customers. Because they’re a relatively humble group, they usually don’t make a big deal out of the praise. After all, they’re just doing their jobs.

But to me, customer feedback – good or bad – is a key indicator of how we’re performing in general. Based on a recent email from EWI customer Benjamin Sprengard, Assistant Director of Quality Analysis at Enerfab, I’d say we’re doing alright:

EWI is an invaluable resource for Enerfab.  Their engineers and specialists are practical, prompt, and extremely knowledgeable.  We’ve consulted EWI with subjects concerning new technology, metallurgy, heat-treating, and even NDE.  EWI is at the forefront of materials joining technology, therefore I am confident that I’m getting the latest solutions and recommendations in the industry.”  

— Benjamin Sprengard, Assistant Director of QA, Enerfab Inc.

Ben is an AWS Certified Welding Inspector and ASNT NDE Level II Inspector. Bottom-line:  He knows his stuff. The fact that he trusts EWI says a lot about our engineers, technicians, and technology capabilities.

Thanks Ben. We think you guys (gender-neutral) at Enerfab are pretty great too.  On behalf of all EWI Associates, we look forward to our next project with you!

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