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You’re Never Too Old for a New Toy!!!

September 19, 2011

You know that feeling you used to get the morning you knew you were gonna get a new toy?  Maybe it was your birthday when you wanted a shiny new bicycle, or maybe it was Christmas when you had to have that Red Rider BB Gun.  We here at EWI recently had a similar experience.  Well… as close as you can get at work, anyway!  So – what were we so happy about?  Check out this baby!

Yeah – I know, it’s a mess and all the packing materials are scattered around – probably doesn’t make for the best picture, but come on, man!  This thing is sweet!  To get a little bit into the specifics, this RoMan MFDC transformer will be coupled to a Miyachi ISA-4000 inverter , and the pairing will end up pushing in excess of 200,000 amps in the secondary with a rise time measured in single-digit milliseconds to hit that peak current.

So what’s all that mean?  One of the common themes we hear from clients is that they really need more options for joining large diameter “things”.  The cost of arc welding (consumables especially) continues to rise.  Having the ability to resistance projection weld (RPW) a several-inch-diameter part is becoming quite attractive in many industries.  Among the myriad benefits, RPW eliminates the need for consumables, produces a high-quality joint, and significantly reduces cycle time.

Resistance projection welding relies on quickly concentrating the heat at the projection “point” (where it contacts the mating part) and forging the parts together with localized deformation at the projection tip.  If the weld current rises too slowly, you get delocalized heating and delocalized forging and produce a resistance blob weld, not a resistance projection weld.  And blobs in general are not good.

The constant improvement of equipment and increasing in the equipment capacity is making large diameter resistance projection welds more and more feasible.  We’re thrilled to be continuing our investment in keeping our technologies current and providing outsanding services to our customer base – a diversity of services they really can’t get anywhere else in the world.

As always, I want to point you to our membership department.  If you ever have any question about how to stick two pieces of material together, how to tell with what quality they are stuck, why they broke apart the way they did, or anything else that has to to with materials or materials joining, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

I hope you too find the excitement of a new toy soon!