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A “Walk” Through Buffalo Manufacturing Works’s Reseach Facility

April 4, 2019

A few weeks ago, we offered a sneak peek into some of EWI’s Columbus, Ohio, research labs. Now, you can take a virtual walk through EWI’s Buffalo Manufacturing Works to view many of our additive manufacturing (AM), nondestructive inspection, and advanced automation research stations.

Buffalo Manufacturing Works houses top-of-the-line AM systems used for applied R&D projects on behalf of both commercial and government ventures. As you “stroll,” you’ll see setups for the Arcam A2X, Sciaky 110, RPM 557, and the ExOne Innovent. Around the corner, you’ll spot our computed tomography (CT) cell where parts are inspected nondestructively. Take a spin down the next aisle and “Robotics Row” comes into view. Here, our skilled, experienced engineers develop automation solutions that can help support our clients’ growth and performance  

Does it look crowded in there? It sure is … which is why Buffalo Manufacturing Works will move to a new facility in a few months to accommodate its growth and expand its research capabilities. Check back with us later this year to visit our new labs and find out how EWI can help your company improve its processes and productivity!