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Adaptive Welding Solutions for Automation — New EWI Article

June 7, 2016

Fugure 2 Adaptive welding has become a popular solution for manufacturers looking to automate challenging welding applications. The development of a successful adaptive welding solution is dependent on an in-depth understanding of all types of robotic welding hardware, a wide array of sensors, and complex machine logic. Researchers and welding industry experts are working in tandem to develop new adaptive tools and techniques to produce higher quality welds more efficiently and with less operator involvement.

connie-headshotIn Learning to Adapt: Combining Technology and Experience to Address Welding Automation Challenges, EWI  Principal Engineer Connie LaMorte discusses commonly used tools and techniques, the importance of converting welding expertise into machine logic, methods of maximizing ROI and equipment flexibility, and EWI’s development of advanced adaptive welding methods.

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